Hello there! as a general update on the project we are very pleased to see the Parpados Wall in print!  We were included in the Japanese architecture magazine A+U: Special Issue August 2009: Architectural Transformations via BIM.  There is an interview with Dave Fano about the Orchestration class, and also with Ben and some of the other students about the projects.  There are plenty of great assembly and completed mock-up photos.  It is an extremely interesting issue of A+U if you are into BIM and fabrication- which you probably are if youre reading this!  Comments always welcome, even now, a year after the project began.


Hello out there, needless to say were extremely happy to be posting photos of our full scale panel mockup, after all teh hard work we now have a facade panel to show for it.  The panel was fabricated at Maloya Laser on Long Island, and assembled by us on campus in time for the GSAPP end of year show.  we had a very good spot, right in front of the Avery building, to stick the panel on the lawn and see how the louvers worked in the sunlight.  thanks for anybody who has been keeping up with the blog, and as always comments are always welcome to keep the conversation going-



All 3 groups in the Orchestration class were interviewed by Debra Pothier at Autodesk Student Community to talk about the class, and the ways in which Revit or Inventor were helpful. We are using a combination of Revit, Rhino and Autocad to design the panels.  here are the youtube links to the interviews, they are split up into 3 files.

Part 1:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D1BLIL2RHdE

Part 2:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F4EUBb9es0I

Part 3: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PPak7-9SyP0

Also, the steel and aluminum parts for the panels, are currently being lasercut, bent and welded on Long Island by Maloya Laser, Inc and should be ready in 2 weeks to be assembled (by us) into the full scale visual mockup.  More to come!

a new set of fabrication drawings…in communication with Maloya… A06 and A07 are the most interesting drawings, showing assembly process and part quantities.  If you happen to find it interesting.

we have visited Maloya Laser again, last week, to discuss the Parpados mockup.  We have made some design changes, and are working on a new drawing set to send to them, to begin the real deal. also, our project has made it onto autodesk’s student community website, with some phone interviews with us and dave fano. they are finishing it up and posting it soon.  stay tuned!!

So as a result of Final Reviews this post is way late…but still worth getting the images up on the blog.  On monday, 11/17/08 we took another field trip, this time to Maloya Laser in Commack, Long Island.  Theses guys are a family business going back 2 generations, and have evolved into a specialty metal fabrication firm.  They have become heavily involved in Lasercutting, and have projects in Architectural exteriors, interior finishes, railings, furniture, signage, jewelry, and more.  2 architectural projects that they have recently completed are the plaques at the Rose Planetarium at the Museum of Natural History, as well as the Porter House condo by SHop Architects, both of which were laser-cut and bent flat metal stock.  We got a factory tour from Reto Hug, the president of the company, and saw their massive lasercutters and bending presses.  Here are a few pictures of the place:





and some work examples:






and very interesting some of the sample zinc panels they had from the Porter House:





overall a very productive visit.  they work with many different file types when communicating with architects, so we are working to tighten up our digital model now.


also the post from the JYJ guys:    http://jyjorchestration.wordpress.com/2008/11/21/maloya-laser-field-trip/